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Sept Issue 9 Looks

by Nick Hamilton | Jul 29, 2008 |

Our first issue has dropped and in there is our 9 Looks for 2009 style guide fashion outerwear feature. Over that past few years I have shot a couple of these style shoots and been into shooting ultra tight action photos showing both a riders style and clothing mid trick. I’ve shot these on Medium Format film to get a really specific lighting not possible with 35m digital camera bodies and also to get a consistant feel through the shots from using Kodak Portra 160 print film. We shot this years 9 Looks at Squaw Valley in April and I hadn’t shot film for a full year since the 8 Looks shoot in Big Bear. Things started off badly, the film I wanted to use was out of stock at all the major camera stores in my area, full mission to get the film. Then the Polaroid back I was using kept jamming and exposing the whole pack first frame (Polariod film is expense and on the verge of extinction so not that rad when you blow a whole pack in 1 go). Riders turned up without their snowboard gear, the weather crapped out for a couple days etc.. No excuses we got it done, check out some of the contact sheets from the shoot below and the Behind the Scenes gallery here.

Many thanks to my Photo Assistant Sarah Wirtanen, Annie Fast, Big Ben, Tom Richards and Savanah at Squawall the riders Simon, Trza, Kass, Gretchen, Kjersti, Jamie420, Tyler, Fox, Messier

Any questions about the shoot or specific shots hit me up in the comments section below

The editing process with film is way more arts & crafts than digital

Polaroids have such a unique look

It was blowing such a gale when we were shooting these it was unreal. I had Annie & Tom both holding onto my 1 light as it kept blowing over. That day 106 MPH winds recorded on the summit, it was close to that right here while we were shooting. Kjersti was brave and looked amazing

Trza is great, dope style and a ton of talent.