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Gear for a Heli Adventure

by Nick Hamilton | Mar 16, 2009 |

Just got back from Valdez, AK trip with the Get Real crew.  I wanted to Prop some of the gear I took up there, here is some of the backcountry extras that cost me hundreds in excess baggage fees, but well worth it.

Salomon Sick Stick 160.  The board last years rider of the year Wolle Nyvelt rides and I really wanted to check out, it’s definitely a Sick Stick for Pow

Burton Malolo 162 EST.  Great Cruiser board with medium taper

Lets not fuck around, the Orthovox D3 is the beacon H20 Guides use for their clients, solid and easy to use

a solid shovel is a must for digging jumps, snow pits, Heli LZ’s, snow caves and in case you need to dig someone out from under and Avalanche in a rush

Probe, this Black Diamond one is nice and light

The Avalung 2, we all got them for the trip and had them on everyday.


Mandatory Harness for AK Heli boarding, so if you fall into one of those Crevasses they can try rope you out

Water bottle

Snacks and energy supplies are a must for long days in the backcountry.  These Shot Blocks were a hit on the trip

A good pack, mine is a Camera bag but the folks at H20 Guides supplied this one for all it’s guests kitted out with shovel & probe.

Camera gear, I took 5 lenses and 2 bodies.  The longest lense I had was a 300m on the Mark 3 make it about 400m which still wasn’t long enough for a couple shots but the bigger lenses just get too damn heavy to carry around all day